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Recent efforts to include youth in education, prevention and alternative activities have proven to demonstrate the important role they play in policy change, norms, influences, and educational practices.

Under the supervision of the Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas Tobacco Prevention & Control Coalition staff, youth leadership skills will be developed through this educational opportunity to promote a tobacco-free and healthier community in Hidalgo County.

Parental consent is necessary to allow their youth (ages 11 – 18) to participate in tobacco prevention activities, which include transportation and traveling within Hidalgo County, as well as out of County Summits and Yearly Conferences. All Youth activities are supervised and chaperoned by TPCC staff and/or adult coalition members. Any adult participating in activities which involve supervising minors will be subject to criminal background checks.

Additionally, participation in the Youth TPC Program should not interfere with any other extra-curricular activity or UIL activity the youth is already involved in or participating in their school. The TPC Youth Program is a volunteer community involvement activity that will allow students to earn community hours, as well as resume building for college applications.

Media Consent forms will be required to be signed by parent or legal guardian to enable the BHSST to utilize media inclusive but not limited to photos, audio, and video participation for the purposes of advertisements related to tobacco education, prevention and intervention.

Any expenses incurred with the Youth’s participation in the Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas TPCC Program will be covered by Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas. Registration fees, as well as travel expenses for any Youth Summit or Youth Conference, will be paid in full by Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas. No expenses will be incurred by the Youth Volunteer.