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Tobacco still #1 cause of preventable death

The December 2010 Surgeon General’s Report is a comprehensive scientific report that describes specific pathways by which tobacco smoke damages the human body and leads to disease and death. The report increases the science-based foundation to support policies to reduce smoking as one of the most effective actions to improve the nation’s health and prevent […]

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October Store Alerts!

TPCC youth group members are conducting “store alerts”, where they randomly visit tobacco retailers to audit their tobacco products to ensure compliance with marketing regulations. Some of the common infractions are: products available in front of counter, products too close to candy, too many advertisements, and sometimes not checking purchaser ID! With these store alerts, […]

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City of McAllen hears arguments for Smoke-Free Ordinance

On Wednesday, August 30th the city of McAllen held a special hearing to gauge public support for a comprehensive smoke-free ordinance. The city heard arguments from both sides, but there was overwhelming support in favor of the ordinance. The meeting was recorded and will be shown to the Ordinance Committee who will then advise the […]

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TPCC goes to 2017 SayWhat! Conference

Tobacco use remains the #1 cause of preventable death in the U.S.A.; causing more deaths than alcohol, AIDS, car crashes, illegal drugs, murders, suicides, and homicides combined. The SayWhat! program, housed out of Texas State University in San Marcos, offers annual conferences where youth involved in tobacco prevention across the state are afforded the opportunity […]

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Hidalgo County now home to 14 smoke-free cities!

The City of Alamo is the most recent city in Hidalgo county to pass a comprehensive smoke-free ordinance, prohibiting smoking in all indoor workplaces including bars and restaurants. Over 400,000 residents, workers, and visitors are now protected from dangerous secondhand smoke!

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Texans: Call 877-YES-QUIT

Texas has FREE resources for smokers that want to quit. Phone counseling sessions, nicotine replacement therapy, and motivational messages. In order to receive the free medication, smoker must be referred by a healthcare provider (contact the TPCC for more information.) Call 877-YES-QUIT to speak with someone who will help get you on the path to […]

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M.O.V.E. Conference – Activate Your Inner Hero

On Wednesday, June 7th our youth group members attended the M.O.V.E. (Missions and Obstacles Vary in Everyone) Conference, sponsored by BCFS. This free conference included workshops, activities, personal testimonials and skill building sessions on bullying, suicide prevention, self-esteem and more!

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New Data Show Historically Low Smoking Rates – truth

New data reveal historic lows of smoking among teens and declines in vaping—evidence of the impact of public education campaigns like truth®, “The Real Cost” and Tips From Former Smokers™. The 2016 National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS) released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows a drop in overall teen cigarette use and e-cigarette use last year. Here […]

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